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Mega Millions Results December 13th 2011

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Tonight’s jackpot of $116million has been rolling for just over five weeks, however this may have all changed if someone has managed to match all 5 numbers and the Mega number and win tonight’s life changing jackpot.

If no one has matched all the jackpot winning numbers and the prize continues to rollover we could see a situation similar to last year when the jackpot rolled from November 2010 and was finally won in January 2011. The jackpot won in January 2011 was an incredible prize of $380million and with only five more draws to go until 2012 stands as the highest Mega Millions jackpot won in 2011. The $380 million was split between two Mega Millions players; Jim and Carolyn McCullar from Washington and Holly Lahti from Idaho each taking home a massive $190million.

With only three more draws to go until Christmas Day Mega Millions players are hoping that they win the life changing jackpot so that they can have an extra special Christmas this year!

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